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Space branding system – advantages of a friendly workplace

calendar icon 16/02/2022
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How to create an engaging, integrative workplace underlining the company’s mission and goals? How to manifest a company’s values in office space architecture? What’s needed to build a positive user experience? The comprehensive arrangement means more than furniture, carpets, and curtains. To create the employees’ well-being we need a wayfinding design that will make moving in office space easier, and a space branding system to strengthen the bond with the company.

Wayfinding design – go with the flow!

When in a hurry trying to get to a doctor’s appointment on time, or when running for the first meeting at a new school – how many times have you lost your way? How many times did long, empty corridors refused to cooperate with you while looking for the right door? Without clear and understandable floor signs and directions you can be confused, even if it’s not your first visit. That’s why each office space needs well-designed and readable navigation for its users as much as a hospital or a station needs it.

We create wayfinding that helps users to determine their location and find the right way. Using graphic symbols, we mark the functions of rooms, recesses, floor numbers, or the route to an elevator or toilet, and the use of architectural elements (such as interactive maps) allows you to recognize your location and decide on your direction. Such an armed space helps applicants, contractors, and newly recruited ones scan the space and tame it in a blink of an eye.

And what difference does it make to your work comfort?

Wayfinding design has an impact on communication between coworkers. Consistent sign systems guarantee that everybody knows where meetings are held or where they can meet for a cup of coffee and some afternoon chill. Such clear information is the foundation of connection, smoothness, and harmony. It also helps to reduce the stressful rush, the risk of making a mistake or being late.

Let’s take a look at our design and how its magic increases the value of office space architecture, efficiency, and job satisfaction. Make your customers know right from the start why they can rely on you.

Space branding – when the walls can talk

Bold, anonymous, neuter spaces without any emotions can’t build the well-being of their user, employee–employer relations, or contacts with clients. Space branding design is a key to changing that. Developing the space office architecture with tailor-made graphics, murals, walls installation, you raise awareness of the company’s values and you boost the engagement of your employees. This is exactly how wall design based on identity manual, company’s history and local culture works.

While creating a work environment we have employees’ motivation in mind. What they need to focus on, how they would like to take a break, what defines them as a one, integrated team. We study those factors to create common spaces that suit everybody and fit into a company’s DNA. When ecology is close to the company’s heart, we smuggle recycled materials to the conference and chillout rooms. When the goal is to strengthen the sense of mission, we arrange walls displaying photos from events or office everyday life, and diplomas honoring the company’s pro-social activity. And when we discover that the integrating space is what the team is missing to function with their whole energy, we create a place for relaxing conversations over a cup of coffee or lunch. We refer to the brand colors and typography in each room simultaneously to other colors, logos, materials, and graphics in the building. Cohesion matters.

Find out how to strengthen brand image and stand out from the competition with insightful processes like that. Give a read to our space branding project for Silesian global IT corporation.

How space branding helps your business and employees?

The visual identification that surrounds you and your employees positively inspires you to perform tasks, strengthens your professional identity, builds a bond with the company, and a feeling of belonging to an environment. This positive atmosphere and cohesion build the company’s credibility also in the eyes of clients and newly recruited. Space branding design is a perfect tool when used in employer branding strategy – it can catch the eye of candidates, especially those qualified with high salary expectations as a start of negotiations. A friendly, inspiring, and attractive work ecosystem will be a tender card.

Harmony is the key. A peaceful and well-adapted branding system reduces employees’ stress and gives a rhythm not only to the interior, but also to the actual work.

Sustainable office building – let’s heal our surroundings

Information and graphics combined together are a key to communicating a company’s values, but also make visual identification stay in our heads longer – this is exactly what you need to skyrocket your brand identity. But space branding can do even more – it can improve the ergonomics of work and the psychological comfort of users. It has something to do with holistic healing to the body – in this case, a body made of concrete, bricks, and glass. As many pills and painkillers won’t get you out of the sickness, a signboard invasion won’t give you a well-balanced office building. Just like in the case of drugs, the frequency of taking and size of the portions should be adapted to the specific conditions. Can you see now why it’s so important to put room numbers, zone markings, direction indicators, function signs, and semaphores with pictograms in strategic places, visible from different angles? Logos, scenography elements, and graphics should fill the empty space as a sustainable composition.

In our design studio BARDZO, we like to brag a little bit: about our know-how gained through years with street art projects, also with architects’ and craftsmen’s support. We change the design into everyday language – that is why we have created useful, needed and overly designer things. Things for people. Things full of both: synergy and energy.