As a space branding studio Bardzo, we say a big NO to dysfunctional interiors, streets, offices and estates

We are experts in visual communication design. We create in an expressive and useful way to increase the functionality of the environment, emphasize the identity of the workplace, public spaces, and unite them with people and nature. We combine the strengths of a big company and manufactory: we fill up ornaments and production with craftsmanship and a huge dose of art.

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Martyna Sakowicz
| Interior Designer

Interior design enables me to create an aesthetic, comfortable, and consistent everyday life which brings you closer to nature. I choose minimalism: the simpler the better motto in shapes, materials, and solutions. I believe it gives us space for your passion and experiences. I tried it, and I liked it. I simplified my space and now I follow only the good things. I travel more, I cook more, I do yoga systematically and, finally – I train pole dance!

Marta Mazgaj
| the Creative Multitasker
CEO of Bardzo

I have expertise in creating and brand positioning, image strategy, and building communication. Multitasker and multi-threaded but with well-being in my heart. The Ninja of management, brand vision, and strategy but also the queen of fair play, administration, and cash flow. I guard the quality and balance as diligently as the payment deadline and freedom of speech. Breathe in, breathe out. I find my balance in relation with the ones I love, in nature, books, and art. The auwerda and sawasna are my boosters. In love with the big city life, but the countryside is really my thing. Waiting for my hens and Credworms I fill with an amateur study of permaculture. Om Shanti.

Ola Maj
| The chasing Graphic Designer

I aim for comfortable solutions for people which are simultaneously kind to the environment. To symbiosis between human and nature. In love with creating illustrations and typography studies. Based on that, I chase the opportunity to create new messages. Feeling inspired by Urbexer, signs of passing, and reflection on what left behind. Being unflappable, I manage the craziest ideas of clients. I manage to do that because I practice my patience and life balance by juggling and walking on slack.

Konrad Iwanowski
| Dreamer
CEO with the vision

Graffiti mischief and growing up with prosocial street art turned into my specialty. I’m a landscape architect by education. In my first company, I introduced the wall design to the higher society but in Bardzo studio, I introduce the offer to a client. I’m also a walking encyclopedia of wayfinding. My awareness of what is friendly in working and living conditions deepened with the number of children I’ve had, the amount of meat I’ve reduced, and the kilometers I’ve cycled. In my projects, I try to connect the goal with the well-being of the planet. As a super sensitive man with a highly developed process of experiencing, I regulate the perception of the World with the Sun’s greeting sequence, and I mute the hyperactivity with a bar at the gym. Peace and love!

The faces of epic spacebranding and disciplined wayfinding

Karolina Lampart
| Office Manager

I like pace the life to and manage the situation. That’s why I didn’t stop with being a personal trainer. I started communication and media studies and I took a job as an office assistant. Maximum is my motto: I have two cats, more tattoos, and I exercise as often as I can to eat even more. I’m fond of murals, graffiti and golden quotes on walls. In Bardzo I’m the office Ninja: I take care of what’s invisible but necessary for everyone: coffee for example.

Kamil Sypień
| Graphic Designer, Illustrator

I discovered my calling in early childhood by getting lost in fields of corn, in the woods, malls or country parties. I like getting lost till today. Thanks to that I still feel this courage and sensitivity while looking for an exit and I can design with confidence that nobody will get lost in any space. I feed my creativity with wide range of movies (from David Lynch’s cinema to Disney movies), potatoes in tempura and sleeping under the sky.

Patryk Gmerek
| Graphic and Type Designer

Black clothes and even darker humor lover. I specialize in system design, especially in visual identity systems. In my projects, I particularly focus on typography, which is my true love. I discovered my calling in the form of letters when I was a kid and I was burning into graffiti on walls in Czestochowa. Later, I found out the beauty of calligraphy and lettering, and I still use them in my own typefaces. When I’m off with projects and I need some artists’ flair, I take paints and canvas to the drawer and I express myself in expressive painting.
In isolation from creative work, I grab weights in the gym or light up dance floors in clubs 🙂

Jakub Czerwiński
| Project Manager

Born and created in Wroclaw. The geographer, gas and stage technician, and logistics. I am totally in love with nature, photography, music, and my very own family. As a man of many professions, I have many year’s expertise in working with others and for others. I’ve devoted the past few years to managing the implementation of projects in the field of housing, space branding design, and creating visual identity systems. It’s said that I’m an oasis of peace. I hope that my calmness in stressful situations serves others too.

Ola Przybyła
| a Designer of Diversity

Future architect, passionate about artistic and multidimensional graphics.
I’m an enthusiast of designing by mixing different kinds and fields of art. By mashing it up, I try to create spaces full of goods. I design to allow myself and others to feel better, fuller, more pleasurable. I appreciate the rays of sun or brush marks on the mural fondly. I keep my smile on with a nice cup of coffee and good conversation. I boost my motivation and creativity with everyday fluent yoga.

Postać Fikcyjna
| Painter

I graduated from the Wroclaw Academy of Art and Design with a faculty of painting. But I’m familiar with other branches of art, too. I do my things also in electronic media, scenography area and I run an art gallery. The crazier the art project, the better for me 🙂
I love to be in constant motion, create, just go with the flow. I’m a loud person with a smile stuck to my face. My second name: Guarana – I don’t allow my energy to drop. In Bardzo studio, I run with a bucket filled with paint, I climb ladders and staging, and I lead the painters crew – no pain, no gain! I like challenges, especially those connected to the project realization, and work at a dizzying pace. See you on the execution site!

Adam Mandziejewski
| Project Manager

Project manager.

Watchful satellite of design processes, coming from the museum and multimedia industry. Educated as an art historian and scenography designer. An enthusiast of mountain hiker and urban cyclist. Fascinated by navigable interfaces of public and commercial spaces.

In Bardzo studio I care about the flow of our design work and I try to put the human face on commonly hated spreadsheets.

We spell out the design as an everyday language. We create the best of both worlds. We do more – we are friends.

To complete your vision and goal, we engage all we have: graphics and architectural senses, our know-how (worked out over the years!) of UX, information design, materials science, craft, and paintings.

Sometimes, it means that we have to overstep our boundaries and experiment a little bit in a formal and technological way, but thinking out of the box makes us as happy as a child with candy.

We work for architects, developers, investors, corporations, malls, and cities. We are where the space needs this creative spark in reorganizing the environment and faultless realization.