Agreement – no matter the stage of cooperation

We speak the language of visual information systems and graphics. Before we start the creating process, we sit down with our clients and hold the talking part. A moderated dialogue allows us to clearly set the goals, name users’ needs, inspire new ideas and dispel fears.  We set the boundaries of imagination together to create responsible design.

Working out the goal

When it’s time for a new chapter in your company, we will provide and create the best appropriate conditions. We create the terms of space branding and design process stages together. During the consultation and seeing over the space, we will discuss rooms functionality, informative signs’ location, the main theme of graphics, and the value proposition of your company. We clarify the outcome using the method of in-depth questions. Thanks to that, you will have a whole and clear perspective of the design process stages and you will be able to monitor the formation of the final effect.

Getting know the territory

Taking rooms inventory, getting along with an identity manual, researching the space and its limits – this is how we get to know the territory we design. We talk to the users about their needs (the verbal ones and the yet unrealized ones) in order to be able to determine the navigation and functional layout that will reconcile their daily practices.


We dig deep in the Internet, pattern books, galleries, and literature to find the most inspiring aesthetic directions that suit your investment. This is how we create a comprehensive description with an insight into the history of the place, contexts and research, benchmarks, colors, project dynamics, and the goals the project is intended to fulfill. We explain all the technical possibilities for ideas implementation and we present the set of graphics and materials’ samples just to awaken your senses. The Predesign stage ends with handing over the presentation with our esthetic proposal where you decide which creative line to choose.

The concept – discipling the vision

As soon as the client has chosen the creative line of the project, we can create a style matrix for all areas we have to take care of. This is a fundamental step of our design process. We set the terms of the project: fonts, graphics compositions, ornaments, wall design ideas, and we slowly create the image of it altogether – of visual system identity. We project the design base to choose the final one with our client. The chosen one will be fully implemented in the project. We finalize the Concept stage by compiling a document that illustrates and describes all the design process components, technical specifications, and implementation guidelines. The Titans of getting things done right.

What time is it? It’s project time!

It means that it’s time for our original graphics project for every single element included in the visual identity system like murals, glazed walls, signboards. The color palette and fabrics are just the tip of the iceberg. The core is to integrate the graphics, signs, and typography with already existing elements of the building, which means high walls, glazed walls in kitchen, car parks or open space. How to work out the compromise and how to make up the decision which will be the most harmonious and will reflect well-being? These decisions are made during the preparation of the detailed design. The Project stage is all about creating the final visual identity system, wall design ideas and production files. It also contains the technical specification for the elements production and guidelines implementation.


Let’s combine our know-how of different fields of art to find the best and the most effective way to realize your project. Printing, producing, certified materials, testing the ecological bases, choosing the best match of a color palette of foils, paints with your brand. We aim to maximize the functionality and make a significant effect at the same time. You can provide us with samples of materials, paintings, mock-ups, and pallets anytime, but in the Project Stage they are necessary.

The Titans of getting things done right

Yes, that’s us! We won’t leave you alone in the Implementation stage. We got your back and provide you with professional project adaptation and arrangement of a single element in the space. We will coordinate the production process, orders, and work of subcontractors. What else? We’ll find the hands needed to paint and foil applications. You can entrust us murals painting, signs productions, installation of spatial and light structures. Expect the visual feast, simplicity of communication in unusual signs and forms. In other words, expect the big WOW effect.