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The Shining

The 3XA architecture studio performed the Legnicka 33 investment for Vantage Development Inc. It’s a 10-floor residential and service facility. From the top to the bottom it has up to 14 levels. On the ground floor, you can find about 10 service premises, and right below, in the underground, there is a two-level car park. 5 floors of the residential parts contain 250 flats. It is a multifunctional building so the visual identity system is pretty important here. Having all of it in mind, we’ve started doing what we do best. At Legnicka 33, we’ve created a coherent visual identity system and wall design graphics.

  • We’ve created marking for the whole building and its surrounding and wall graphics as well.
  • We’ve produced and installed up to 538 gold PVC letters for flat numeration. Now, all guests finally know where their friends live 🙂
  • We’ve painted (by ourselves, with our bare hands!) up to 125 door signs, and 239 vertical stripes as a background for flat numbers.
  • We put over 805 square meters of a base on the shafts of the building.
  • We’ve made (once again ourselves!) 66 wall design paintings imitating waves in the lobby and halls. We’re still on this boat! 🙂
  • We’ve marked pillars in the underground with the graphics using ready made-templates (believe us, we still see the black stripes when closing eyes),
  • We’ve used spatial graphics made of PVC to mark staircases gates.
  • We’ve pasted the numbering of service premises which was made of plotter-cut foil…
  • and we’ve painted up to 503 bases on the storage rooms walls.

Designing a brand new investment and its surroundings means that you must have the future needs of users in your mind. We know how to do it, and we’re here for you. If you need professional advice or support in wayfinding signs, reach us.

Give a read to articles on our blog to find out more about our good practices of wall design and visual identity system.




INVESTOR: Ventage Development S. A. ARCHITECTURAL STUDIO: 3XA DESIGN & BUILD: Ewa Głowacka, Maria Prusakowska, Julia Juzyk, Grzegorz Kosturek, Radosław Kubisz, Mia Bogdańska, Jacek Urbański, Postać Fikcyjna, Dawid B., Maciek Kaczmarek, Wojciech Rudzki PHOTO: Stanley Znoyko VIDEO: Motka Produkcja


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